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Bilingual Latinx Theatre Company that provokes introspection through cutting-edge performing arts. We support multicultural, diverse and underserved communities while harnessing and empowering unique voices.

Montera, the Other Side of the Coin

I wrote Montera based on an inspiring story by 3 amazing women whom I had the honor of meeting in Madrid.  These 3 women; Dina, Pilar and Irene are like no other women out there:  they have husbands, ex-husbands—in some … Continue reading

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Las rutas de Julia de Burgos by Oscar Montero

I started working on Las rutas de Julia de Burgos while teaching a class about poets in New York.   Students reacted strongly to Burgos’s poems, which is always good news for a teacher, and they understood her personal story: her … Continue reading

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Designing Días Estupendos (Wonderful Days) by Blanca Añón

Designing Días Estupendos was from the first moment challenging and exciting.  It is my first Spanish play as a Spanish scenic designer based in NYC.  A big part of the research process took place in my memories.  I am connected … Continue reading

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Writing Wonderful Days Helped Awaken Me (Alfredo Sanzol)

I wrote Días Estupendos (Wonderful Days) to pay tribute to my grandfather, who always considered every single thing to be wonderful.  Therefore, I entitled this play Wonderful Days.  Besides it takes place in the summer, which was indeed when I got … Continue reading

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Tigua Paint Inspired by New Version of an Andean Myth

As some of you know, A Girl without Wings was inspired by a centuries-old Andean myth about a condor who falls in love with a shepherd girl. While traveling with DAT in Ecuador, playwright Jason Williamson learned about the tale … Continue reading

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A Girl Without Wings by Jason Williamson

When I was commissioned by Dramatic Adventure Theatre to write a play inspired by our work in Ecuador, I knew I’d be up for a challenge.  In fact, I couldn’t help but question the whole idea of my writing such … Continue reading

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Theater From the Inside Out by Haydn Díaz

“CTP3 (Collaborative Theater Project, 3rd Year) is IATI Theater’s testament to the creation of theater of the most avant-garde natures; by putting the creation process on its head and decimating the usual hierarchy in which most plays are created, CTP3 … Continue reading

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Light of Night by Cecilia Copeland

I don’t usually watch TV, but in the winter of 2009 I watched a marathon of cable documentaries that came out about girls being kidnapped. It was hour after hour over several days. It seemed like countless women had been … Continue reading

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