Montera, the Other Side of the Coin

Montera 23I wrote Montera based on an inspiring story by 3 amazing women whom I had the honor of meeting in Madrid.  These 3 women; Dina, Pilar and Irene are like no other women out there:  they have husbands, ex-husbands—in some cases—kids, grandkids, families and careers.  Their job is not your average conventional job.  But that being the case, they try to hold themselves with the same professionalism as a doctor, a mailman or a CEO of a company.  These 3 women are sexual workers and Montera is the street where their profession began.

Montera_Michael Palma_IATIThe first draft of this play was a drama.  A dense, depressing, dark drama that gave no hope and showed no respect for these amazing women that refuses to be seen as victims of their own lives.  After abandoning the draft for months and visiting Madrid again, I was given the chance to actually spend time with these women and their families.  It was at that time that I realized I was writing the play with my moral and personal educational values, and was not being faithful in portraying their point of view.

Then with the consequent drafts I found myself laughing at times and crying at others with their stories, while I marveled at how they had found a way to lift the drama that society has insisted on loading on their shoulders.

IMG_3895Montera tries to paint a picture different from one that shows every Sexual worker as a woman with no dreams or morals (i.e. a woman incapable of falling in love, with a sad past and an abusive father, or a mother that forced them to be with people they did not choose, or a worst case scenario a victim of human trafficking).

MONTERA-TOWNI don’t want to seem blind to these horrible circumstances that are just as real, but let’s try to open our minds and see that the rainbow has multiple colors.  Dina, Pilar and Irene are businesswomen, that are also mothers, wives, friends and not ashamed of the lives they led.

L.Escandon-388Montera is an attempt to rescue these stories, memories and emotions from the karma of judgment, giving them and the audience the opportunity to reinvent a world where our profession does not dictate our human value.

About IATI Theater

Bilingual Latinx Theatre Company that provokes introspection through cutting-edge performing arts. We support multicultural, diverse and underserved communities while harnessing and empowering unique voices.
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