Designing Días Estupendos (Wonderful Days) by Blanca Añón

Set Design

IATI Theater Stage

Designing Días Estupendos was from the first moment challenging and exciting.  It is my first Spanish play as a Spanish scenic designer based in NYC.  A big part of the research process took place in my memories.  I am connected to the daily reality that is described in each single scene, summers in Spain.

Set Design 02

Scenery for Días Estupendos

Once I read the script, I identified the challenge of creating all these different spaces containing the overall feeling of nostalgia in the play; nostalgia for what we had, delivered to us in shape of humor.

When reading Días Estupendos, the main image I had in mind was the outside, exteriors, landscape, nature, infinity, days without wearing a clock where time doesn’t matter, just the sun. This image is very connected to what summers mean to me.

Blanca Añón

Blanca Añón

After our first design meeting, Ignacio and I understood the need to translate this feeling to the stage.  Bringing the woods of the north of Spain to IATI on East 4th Street NYC with a limited budget has been fun though.

We traveled from having huge pictures of real woods all along the walls to empty and bare spaces with just one material until we landed in our small portion of the woods.

The streets of NYC have brought the best solution to our problem; a lot of abandoned trees, real trees providing the texture, the color and the smell of the woods.  We could only hope to have had more room for all these beautiful trees.

About IATI Theater

Bilingual Latinx Theatre Company that provokes introspection through cutting-edge performing arts. We support multicultural, diverse and underserved communities while harnessing and empowering unique voices.
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