Writing Wonderful Days Helped Awaken Me (Alfredo Sanzol)

photo_AlfredoI wrote Días Estupendos (Wonderful Days) to pay tribute to my grandfather, who always considered every single thing to be wonderful.  Therefore, I entitled this play Wonderful Days.  Besides it takes place in the summer, which was indeed when I got to spend the most time with my grandfather.

Summertime meant for my family countryside.  In the city all revolved around school, sports, friends, the extracurricular activities, etc.  Everything was planned and carefully organized.  And clean!  I mean clean in a bad way.  It is difficult to find soil in the city.  Parks are spotless, with no animals, and the grass grows only where it’s supposed to.  It was in the country, in the summer, that we met Nature:  with the chaos, the animals, the stones and trees; with the mysterious trails, the silent forest, the horizon; and with the absence of clocks, because the sun marked the pass of the time then.  Being a city child spending summer in the country, I felt that something was happening inside me.  That ‘something’ was about better understanding of what life is.

Banner 300x200People in the countryside had something similar to the nature where they lived; quite unlike anything else.  It was neither better nor worse than people in the city; it was just another way of living (much like the dark side of the moon.)  But this different way of living broadened our perspectives about life.  And that breadth, like that  in the rural landscape, opened our hearts.

Wonderful Days  is an attempt to rescue all the memories, characters, and emotions from those days, to rescue the things that I saw that could not be spoken about at the time.  An attempt to rescue sensations and feelings, and above all it is an attempt to reinvent the world.  The world of those days!  An attempt to gather my thoughts, to give shape to that time, and to recover my memory.

Wonderful Days is written in the form of sketches because my memories are like points of light in the darkness of my mind, and I need to focus on every single memory to try to understand it fully.  I think that later each of you (audience members) will do your own drawings with these sketches, like when children connect the dots with a pencil to make the drawing come out in the paper.

About IATI Theater

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